My classes are for projects that don’t fit into the format of a typical craft, sewing, needlework classes.  Each class is
designed for you to make something original, invented by you, to tell your story.

The class is about the experience of creation and learning how to end up in a different place than when you
started.  No canned, pre-fabricated objects anyone can make—only what you alone can create.

Through a lifetime in craft, I have formal training to use classic tools on the best materials and am just as
comfortable dumpster diving to transform junk into something that makes experience meaningful.
I will show you how, using formal and improvised materials, tools & techniques, to tell your story.
Tiara made of christmas
decorations and
unravelled metallic thread
Layered iridescent
organza & feathers for a
show girl costume
Collage of antique laces,
veiling and silk taffeta for
a black tie event gown
Victorian bonnet of
brocade lace and ribbon
A Christmas Carol
Evening purse made of
peacock feathers, beads
buttons & rhinestones
These are things I made as a professional artisan that inspired the classes I'm presenting.  
Necklace made of holiday
decorations and .  .  .
squirrel trash
Bracelet made of scrap
wire and fabrics from
theater projects
Segmented collar of silk
and metallic foil print
spandex for Aida