• To ensure the best experience and keep the price to you down, I need to know how many are coming before I buy
    materials and book time.  Otherwise you pay for someone else's no show reservation and cold left over
    materials.  Who wants that!

  • Projects are designed to be completed in about 2 hours.  Some people may finish earlier.  For those that want to
    relax and take their time, I allot 3 hours for the class unless otherwise indicated, most projects can be completed
    in that time.  I will be developing all day work shops and some projects that will require more than one session.  
    These will be clearly marked.

  • In the unlikely case of my needing to cancel a class, a make-up time or refund will be offered.  Take note:  I was
    the sort to get perfect attendance in school!

  • All payments are final.  I understand life constantly throws wrenches in everyone's way.  If you have a problem,
    please let me know.  I am committed to making the best possible experience.  To give you the best experience,
    that means me as well.

  • Cancellations cannot be moved to another time or made up, but you may transfer your place to a friend or family
    member with 48 hour notice.  Just give me a call so I can expect your friend or family member.  This policy
    protects anyone taking a class for the best experience.

  • Please contact me if you want to bring children or are signing up a child for a class so I can make the proper
    arrangements they need for a great experience.  I reserve being able to close a class to children for the optimal
    experience of everyone and safety to the child.

  • If you are late, I will make every reasonable effort to catch you up to the extent it does not hinder the experience
    of your classmates.  I cannot stay late for you to make up the time.

E-mail me at catherine@catherinebarinas.com  or call (718) 909-6028
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