My classes are about the pleasure of making something meaningful
to you.   Many talking heads offer all sorts of expertise on what
creativity is, how to foster it, how to maximize or capitalize on it, but
very few are actually creative themselves (except with self-
promotion!)  They don't get their hands dirty with the actual work of
creative pursuits.  My classes will get your hands fully engaged in a
way that makes the mystery of creation inviting, but also preserves
the desire to sustain and grow the creative mindset in all aspects of
life lived daily.

                                          Many parents at Let's Dress Up! asked, not so
tongue in cheek, Why couldn't they have a playdate too?  They
wondered why only the five year olds get to have fun? Judy, the owner
of Let's Dress Up! asked me one day, "why don't I come up with
something?"  This is it!

My training is in theater design.  Most design fields have a great
number of similarities, but one special feature of design for theater is
a greater need to be flexible, as ready to pull a concept together out of
beautiful materials as out of trash—or rather to make something
beautiful from trash.  A second emphasis in theater design is a sense
of story, that there is one to tell, how to connect with that story and
unlock the essence of the story in the hearts and minds of others.  My
classes aim to draw from both emphases.  

                                                     worthy of telling and the capacity to tell
that story in something made by the teller.  It is one thing, and a good
thing to learn how to sew on a button.  To sew on a whole gaggle of
buttons changing your favorite but stained tee into wearable art is
something infinitely better.  This is what I want my students to