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Your Gotham Fairygodmother is back!  

I'm still fulfilling my fairygodmotherly duties .  .  .  but with a twist.  Rather than offerings for children, they are for you to make your own creative magic.  

Over the years as a theatrical designer, I have come to realize that I have a very different perspective toward my tools and materials than more traditional
designers and artisans for the body, home, events.  Mostly, it's that I am less focused on the end result and more focused on how I got there.  

Ok, I'll say it flat out, I play just like I did when as a very little child. I was not satisfied with ordinary mudpies and found the right clay to form a beautiful crust,
the right sand to look like decorative sugar, the right nuts and berries for garnishes.  That's right, I made french pastry mudpies and I bring the same
sensibility to my work to this day.  

Don't get me wrong, I do use nice materials, but just as often as not, I'm going to use what others might consider trash.  I don't mean the stinky stuff
(although I do compost!) I mean the left over bits, the over looked bits, from everything I do, everywhere I go.  To interview a job, I just submitted a necklace
suitable for a black tie event, but I made it from Christmas tinsel, a Thanksgiving chotzke, a broken bracelet and, wait for it .  .  .  hickory nuts from my back
yard the squirrels had feasted on for their Thanksgiving.  That's right, I submitted
squirrel trash.

I also submitted
a bracelet made from the stuff lying around my studio, all the above mentioned bits I've collected.  When I realized not everybody keeps all
this stuff just lying around like I do, I wanted to do something about it.  My refashioned store is just that.  The things I offer are not just materials to make
things from, they are infused with inspiration to allow you to make mudpies too.

So my shop is devoted to sharing my toys with you.  Just click an image and by the magic of the internet you will be transported to my shop on Etsy. (Better
than flu powder don't you think?)